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Sunrise walks

Come and join us on one of our early morning sunrise hikes. Though the prospect of an early start can be daunting, I’ve always found an early morning walk to be the most rewarding. Wrap up warm, pack a torch, a thermos of coffee, and a snack, and come and join us to blow the cobwebs away with a brisk hike to a hilltop vantage point. We’ll then start the day in the best way by watching the sun rise whilst sipping on warm coffee. By the time the rest of the country is waking, we’ve already enjoyed the start of the day and feel energised for the rest of it!

We’ll be running both adult-only and family walks

Dates run throughout the year and times will vary dependent on season. Watch this space for last minute organisation if the weather looks good!

Will also run sunrise/dawn chorus walks in Spring (my favourite!)

sunrise walk
The excitement of a sun rise walk!