Hello! I hope you’re enjoying the GoWildGoWest website.

You might be wondering who we are. I’m Georgie, and my sister is Becks. Between us we have 4 kids, 4 dogs, and occasionally a few lambs, chickens, tadpoles or other family members and friends in tow.

Becks is from the beautiful moors of Devon and I live in deepest, darkest rural Somerset. You’ll usually find us out and about enjoying the UK’s amazing natural playground.

What’s the story?

We’ve always loved to adventure outdoors. After having kids, nothing’s changed except we have a few more teammates to join us!

We’ve adventured on canoes, built rafts, hiked up mountains, bird-watched, camped, star-gazed, walked, paddled, run, climbed, swam, snorkelled, sledged….. we all get a little cabin-feverish when left indoors.

Family Adventures

We set up GoWildGoWest to share our experiences with those that like to explore and are looking for new adventures.

Can I wild camp with children?
What is bike-packing?
How can we have more family adventures?
We’ve shared our experiences here and hope that you’ll enjoy them as much as we have!

What can I do?

Have a look through our website to find your own ideal adventure.

Explore places to wild camp, walk, climb, kayak, swim. Find ideas for outdoor games and crafts, from how to build a den to setting sail on a homemade raft. Create your own mini adventure after school/work armed with hot chocolate and maybe dinner to cook on the campfire? Join us on one of our awesome GoWildGoWest events.