Going Wild

Shut your laptop, turn your phone on to silent, don’t even think about starting those chores, they can definitely wait! Juggling kids, home, work, school, in-laws, dogs and everything else can be, well, a little repetitive and relentless. There’s something extremely liberating about just saying ‘stuff it, we’re off!’

GoWildGoWest shares the adventures of two sisters, Georgie and Becks, with various kids and dogs in tow, intent on bringing adventure to everyday family life. We make sure there’s time to get outdoors and have some fun every week, whenever and wherever that may take us.

Happy Adventuring

Use Go Wild Go West to plan your own adventures. Whether it’s a family mini-adventure, a weekend expedition, or a staycation, there are so many adventures to be had – you just have to get out there and look for them.

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Up and Coming Events

chew valley 3 peaks

Guided Walk: Chew Valley 3 Peak Challenge

Next Event: 9th July 2021
Location: Chew Magna

Sunrise walks

Next Event: Hopefully back soon!
Location: Various locations
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Den Building & Nature Hunt

Next Event: Hopefully back soon!
Location: Various locations