Caveman Campfire Adventures


Use this Outdoor Adventure Guide to go back in time to a world of pre-historic beasts and cave people. You’ll need to build a fire to cook on and keep warm, just as our ancestors did. Fun activities to introduce children to fire safety.

The Caveman Campfires family Adventure Guide has 3 fun, campfire activities to enjoy with the kids, along with simple tips and instructions to follow. Adult supervision is required.

It also includes your very own eco firelighting kit to light your campfire with.

The children will enjoy hours of fun completing these adventures. Designed to spark their imaginations, encourage creative play, a love of nature and an understanding of bushcraft skills. Most of all, this adventure guide will allow the kids to run a little bit wild and have fun just being kids.

Be warned: with so much fun to be had, you’ll have to drag the children back indoors!

  • Ideal for children aged 5 – 12*
  • The Caveman Campfire adventure guide comes wrapped in string, with an eco firelighting kit which will come in handy for these adventures.
  • The adventures are designed to be suitable for wherever you are– from the deepest darkest wilderness to the urban jungle; a remote campsite or your very own garden.
  • You will need a safe space to build a campfire. This could be in a firepit, a BBQ, or on the ground if it’s safe and you have permission. You’ll also need a small amount of flour and baking powder to complete one of the adventures.
  • Be sure to take a look at the Adventurer’s Kit, designed to accompany our Outdoor Adventure Guides.

*there’s a strong chance adults will want to join in too….

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