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Outdoor Adventure Guides: The Story

Late in 2022, Go Wild Go West (that’s me!) launched a series of family Outdoor Adventure Guides.

But what are these Adventure Guides and why do they keep popping up in shops around me?

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Outdoor Adventure Guides; the story

When I launched the Go Wild Go West blog, I was intent on bringing adventure to everyday family life.

Whether it’s a quick after-school mini-adventure; a weekend camping trip; or an epic bikepacking or bivvy bagging expedition, I wanted to break out of boring everyday routines (work, chores, clubs, screens, homework…) and spend time outdoors, having fun with my family. We’ve been sharing our adventures since 2018.

Outdoor kids

I love the imaginations of children. Watching a stick become a magic wand, a tree become a climbing frame, a puddle become the best splash park E.V.E.R.

They’re so creative and energetic, but sometimes that creativity needs a bit of a nudge… especially if there’s a little reluctance to get outside. The guides are designed to encourage active play and inspire hours of fun in the great outdoors

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Family Activity Ideas

As a journalist, I love writing – especially when it comes to outdoor adventures. I wanted to create something that would spark the children’s imaginations and get them excited about going outside.

So, I began curating a series of outdoor adventures; lots of easy, simple and entertaining outdoor activities for the kids (and their parents!) to enjoy. The type of adventures that don’t take a lot of planning and don’t need much time, there’s no stress – because we’re all busy and stressed enough as it is – but that are loads of fun.

These adventures can be done anywhere; whether you’re in the deepest rural wilderness or nestled in the urban jungle. Anything extra you need is supplied though you may have to hunt for a few sticks along the way!

Outdoor Adventure Guides

Rather than throw everything together into a book which might end up collecting dust on a shelf, I thought it would be more exciting to create a variety of fold-out adventure guides. Easy for the kids to read or enjoy the pictures, and lightweight and durable enough to come out on each adventure.

Some guides are seasonal, some based on specific holidays, and others are adventures that can be enjoyed all year-round.

You may need to help Santa’s Elves in December, discover the Creatures of the Night at Halloween, or have a Wet Welly adventure on a rainy day.

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What’s in the Outdoor Adventure Guides?

As the kids open up their Outdoor Adventure Guide, they’ll see three different activities to complete. Starting with an easier adventure, they’ll need to navigate through the (simple) instructions to complete each task. The final adventure is always something a little more tricky… because all kids like a little challenge right?

The main thing is that all the activities are loads of fun! One day you might be building a bow and arrow, or creating a mystical stick boggart… the next flying a kite (made out of the actual adventure guide!)

What comes with the Adventure Guides?

The adventure guides come with everything you need to complete all the adventures. For example, The Stick-Tastic Guide comes with a bag of air-drying clay, whilst ‘Feathery Friends’ comes with all the string you need to make a kite, plus some bird food.

Whether bought individually or as a bundle, the guides come wrapped in string and some have a handy carabiner for your adventures.

Children’s Adventure Kit

For intrepid young adventurers, I’ve also created a Children’s Adventure Kit filled with exciting bits and pieces for all the activities you’ll be trying. There’s no plastic tat here. Everything is a useful tool that can be used when outdoors and for learning bushcraft skills.

How do we buy an Outdoor Adventure Guide?

Simple! Head to our shop and take a look at the different options;

  • Adventure Guide subscription: a perfect gift for outdoor-loving kids. Choose a 3/6/12 month subscription and receive a different adventure guide through the post each month
  • Seasonal bundles: choose a pair of adventure guides specifically for the season
  • Individual Adventure Guides: fantastic as birthday or Christmas gifts, stocking fillers or a fun party bag alternative

We also have a collection specifically for campsites. Do get in contact if you’re interested in stocking the adventure guides.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the shop, choose your guide and get adventuring!!

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