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The best women’s outdoor clothing for winter

Winter is coming back and I’m hoping it’ll be a chilly one! Don’t be tempted to hibernate indoors… take a look at our guide to beating the winter blues for some reasons to be cheerful as the nights draw in.

In winter, it pays to be kitted out properly with some decent outdoor gear to keep you warm and dry on all your adventures.

I’ve written before about keeping children snuggly with the best outdoor kit for kids but what about us!? Here, I look at the best women’s outdoor clothing for winter.

women women clothing
Staying warm in winter

Keep warm this winter; outdoor clothing for women

  1. Layers; thermals and fleeces
  2. Warmth; cosy coats
  3. Waterproof & Winter Trousers for women
  4. Heads, fingers & toes
  5. Winter shoes
  6. The ultimate secret to staying warm in winter

Buying ethically and sustainably

I have recommended my favourite brands here but please note before buying new that these can generally all be found second hand if you hunt around. Search Vinted, charity shops or get old favourites repaired at Alpkit.

These days brands can and must use sustainable production methods. Before buying, take the time to check each company’s sustainability records – the difference between ‘good and bad’ brands is astounding. Buying from certified B-Corp companies such as Alpkit, Patagonia and Finisterre is a great choice.

womens clothing for winter
Craghoppers CO2 Renu fleece and RVRC GP Pro trousers

1. Layers: warm thermals and fleeces for women

Layering is a guaranteed solution to staying warm in winter. The more layers the better so go crazy with polo-necks, t-shirts, jumpers, vests – the works!

There are two main things to recommend here.

  • First is a fleece.
    A decent fleece is like having a secret weapon against the cold. By far the best we’ve found is the Craghoppers women’s CO2 Renu – it’s comfy, warm AND uses incredible technology to convert pollution into material. Cheaper fleeces are often massively unsustainable so I’m thrilled to see a greener choice on the market. Hats off to Craghoppers, leading the way in transforming carbon emissions into material.
  • Second is thermals.
    These days thermals actually look good as well as being super comfy and keeping you warm. Check out these women’s thermals from Icebreaker or Acai.

2. Warmth; winter coats for women

A good winter coat is a key bit of outdoor kit for winter. So many ‘fashion’ coats may look good but do absolutely nothing if you’re out on a wet, windy day.

Check that coats are made using recycled materials, are PFC free (a nasty chemical that ends up in our water systems and the food chain) and meet the responsible down standard before buying.

women's outdoor coats
Thunderstorm women’s jacket

The best things to look for in a woman’s winter coat are;

– Waterproofing
– Layers (a fleece layer is a bonus!)
– Ventilation
– Hood

Here are a couple of our favourite women’s winter coats:

3. Waterproofs for women

Is there anything worse than getting wet on a winter day…? Add this to icy wind blasts and you’re in for a cold, miserable time!

Waterproofing is key. You can re-waterproof coats to make sure they stay watertight using Nikwax. Waterproof trousers are also great for keeping out the rain and the wind.

Here are a few of the best women’s waterproof trousers

Winter Trousers for women

It’s also worth having a decent pair of warm winter trousers.

For hikes and biking, I have the Fjallraven Abisko Varm trekking tights which are fantastic.

For everyday use, I LOVE the Revolution Race GP Pro Trousers. They’re comfy, shower-proof AND I’m constantly stopped and asked what trousers I’m wearing.

Revolution Race GP Pro winter trousers and Tog24 Tundra boots

4. Gloves and hats for women

High street mitts and hats may look colourful but they’re pretty rubbish at keeping fingers and heads warm!! If you’re out adventuring, the last thing you want is cold fingers, numb toes and frosty ears so it’s worth looking for a quality hat and pair of gloves.

Here are some of our favourite winter socks, gloves and hats for women;

waterproof trousers for women

5.Winter boots

Winter shoes are absolutely essential for staying warm and dry.

I’ve always been a bit anti-welly in winter because they’re so cold, but I must say my MuckBoots do a great job at insulating against the cold.

But in general, I will always choose a sturdy winter or walking boot with a thick pair of socks in winter. Anything that is waterproof with a solid sole will do the job.

Here are a few of the best winter boots for women:

6. Hip flask

Because sometimes a cheeky shot of brandy is the only answer…. Really.

*Some of these items have been gifted or offered as part of a partnership. This gives me a chance to try them out and give an honest review. I hope you’ll like them as much as I do.