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Children’s Winter Outdoor Clothing

Outdoor winter clothing & boots for kids

Yes – winter is definitely the time for snuggling round the fire…. but that’s AFTER SOME AWESOME WINTER ADVENTURING!! But how should you dress the children for winter and what other tips are there for staying warm?

As well as ideas for keeping kids warm, here we share some of our favourite winter clothes for children. Vinted also has some great second hand options and you can ask friends and family for hand-me-downs too. Good quality clothing keeps children warmer and lasts much longer.

Outdoor family adventures in winter

As you head out on your winter family adventures, make sure you have our Outdoor Adventure Guides to give you inspiration and ideas for awesome autumn family activities.

Here are 6 top tips for dressing children in winter

winter outdoor kit for kids
geared up for winter adventures


Wellies are great in many, many ways but they’re not a great winter shoe. Squelch in autumn’s muddy puddles, run through the wet dew in spring, but in winter leave your wellies at home- they’re cold!! Though the children’s feet may be dry, the frost bite will soon settle in to their little toes and that’s when the complaining starts!

Warm feet are essential for a successful family winter adventure outdoors and winter boots are ideal. Look for boots that are fully waterproof and lined with wool or a wool-like material. With warm and dry feet, the children will be happy for hours.

Children’s Winter Boots

We’re prepped and ready to go this winter with the Merrell winter snow boot. Fantastic, sustainable brand Roarsome have a lovely pair of winter boots made from recycled plastic bottles which go up to EU size 35 and Cotswold Outdoor also have a really good range of boots.

Rather than buying new, you could try to get a second hand pair of good boots. A good pair will last through numerous children!

Want to stick with the wellies? You could turn them into warm winter boots by wearing woolly socks or welly liners like these super cool ones from Spotty Otter.

children's kit to keep warm in winter
winter warmers


Forget the images of old men in long-johns, thermals are FANTASTIC and perfect for getting the kids dressed and warm for outdoor family activities in winter.

What are thermals?

Thermals are a thin layer of clothing to be worn under your normal clothes. They should be light and breathable, merino wool is often the best material. The extra layer keeps them roasty-toasty and ready for adventuring!

cosying up in thermals

Winter thermals for children

There are some fantastic thermals from one of my favourite winter brands, Ellis Brigham.
and Muddy Puddles do some awesome designs.

Don’t have thermals? How about wearing their pyjamas? Long sleeved/trouser cotton pjs can act as a great thermal layer.


I have vivid memories from my childhood of being soaked through to the skin and freezing cold on winter walks with my family. Either I’m so old that waterproofs weren’t a thing then (surely not!?) or else my family missed a trick.

This is a really simple one, we make sure we’re kitted out in full waterproofs from head to toe for every family winter excursion.

waterproofs for kids
waterproofs for kids

Children’s waterproofs

Kid’s waterproof coats – a winter one with thick padding if possible. If the children’s coats aren’t as waterproof as you’d like, add a thin waterproof coat or anorak over the top. The Little Adventure Shop have a fantastic range of kid’s jackets.

Kid’s waterproof trousers – an essential bit of outdoor kit for winter. Even if it’s not raining, it’s likely to be wet on the ground and, let’s face it, the children will find any puddle to splash in… Waterproof trousers are the answer. Even better, get fleece-lined waterproof trousers or ski pants for extra warmth. We’ve fully tried and tested the Tog24 waterproof trousers and they’re great.

Look at this amazing waterproof eco-suit from Kidunk. Made from recycled plastics.

Kid’s waterproof gloves – all those gloves with pretty patterns are great for keeping the children’s hands warm but as soon as they get wet they’re useless! Some sturdy waterproof gloves, or ski gloves, will mean that little hands stay warm and dry enough to throw yet another snowball!

childrens outdoor winter clothing
layered up and waterproof


It’s not all about what kids should wear in winter… sometimes it’s about warming from the inside as well. On any outdoor winter trip with the kids (or without the kids for that matter), I always go armed with a backpack filled with a thermos of something warming.

It’s a real treat for the children to take a break on their adventure and share some hot chocolate, warm Ribena, or hot soup.


It can be very irritating on winter family walks when the children are constantly either too hot or too cold! A backpack is a priceless piece of kit. Pack up the extra layers as they throw them off, and then hand them out again as they start to get cold.

Plus, it’s worth throwing in a few extra layers and spares just in case. An extra pair of gloves can help if the first ones get wet. An extra layer to throw on if you stop for a picnic. Plus your thermos of hot chocolate and plenty of snacks of course!

We have always used Osprey Packs and the kids now have their own backpacks for adventuring.

winter outdoor kit for children
always wearing shorts… even in winter


As parents we spend all our time thinking about what the kids need to wear for winter walks, but when do we ever think about ourselves? We want to enjoy our winter family outing too! As you tick off the above checklist for the children, make sure you’ve kitted yourself out properly too.

If you’re likely to be standing still for some time, whether on the side of a rugby/football pitch or watching the kids build a den, pack a hot water bottle and stuff it up your top! Great for keeping warm.

family winter outdoor activities
adults need to have fun too!

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