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The Bike Club: a new era for children’s bike buying

Never buy a new kid’s bike again….

Do you remember that birthday when little Jimmy opened up his brand-new bike with squeals of excitement? It seems like only yesterday; but now you notice that when he pedals his knees are scraping his ears, and the bike seems to be buckling after his recent growth spurt. Sigh. It’s time for a new bike… again.

This is the moment parents dread. Children may need to buy up to 8 different bikes before they’re fully grown. And bikes don’t come cheap.

childrens bikes
image courtesy of Bike Club

Can I buy a bike the children will ‘grow in to’?

The extraordinary price of children’s bikes can lead to parents making compromises. Often times you’ll decide to go for something they’ll ‘grow into’, or settle for something cheaper that is bulky, clunky and heavy. Choosing something that’s not quite right from the off is an understandable choice in light of costs, but perhaps not the right one.

Getting the right bike for your children

The risk of buying a bike that’s too big is that it will make it harder for them to handle and potentially knock their confidence. Likewise, many low-end bikes are pretty hefty on the scales and this can make it trickier for children to ride. A lighter, well-fitted bike is more comfortable and easier to control.

We use our bikes every day to cycle to and from school and it’s quite trek, so having a decent bike is really important. Similarly, if you’re trying to encourage the kids away from their screens and out onto their bikes (see our top tips for this here), you want to make sure they have something that will make their ride enjoyable and easy.

How about second hand kids bikes?

Having always bought our bikes second, third or fourth hand, this seems like the obvious choice. But a decent bike holds its value and the second-hand market is still eye-wateringly expensive, plus you may find yourself having to travel half way across the country to pick up a bike. Not ideal.

There must be another way.

mountain biking with kids

So, what’s the answer? The Bike Club!

I was super excited to learn about the Bike Club. At last, a solution to the problem!

The Bike Club allows you to pay monthly for a kid’s bike subscription. They have a great range of quality bikes including Frog, Isla, Woom and the brilliant, British based Forme.

You can opt for a road bike, hybrid, mountain bike or BMX so enough selection for every child and their particular interests. And it’s not just bikes, there are scooters too.

How does it work?

The Bike Club allowed us to test run the system to see how it works and it couldn’t be easier. Simply select a bike, using Bike Club’s measurement guides to help if needed, set up a direct debit for the monthly fee, and then eagerly await the arrival of your new bike.

We opted for the Forme Kinder. The bikes needed to be assembled when they arrived but this was a simple process and took 5 minutes. Then the kids were off whizzing around on their new bikes.

children's bikes
Image courtesy of Bike Club

And the best part?

When the children have outgrown these bikes, simply send them back and choose another. Genius!

For me, this is the future of buying kids bikes, breaking the cycle of extortionate prices and ill-fitting frames. Plus, supporting a system where bikes can be leased, refurbished and reused by new families is by far the most sustainable way to acquire a quality bike for your children.

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