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Camping checklist: Everything you need to pack for your camping adventure

We’re going camping! How do I even start packing!?

Getting ready to go camping? Wondering what to pack? Whether you’re a complete beginner or a total expert, there’s always that head scratching moment as you get ready for your overnight adventure thinking ‘what do I need for camping?’ And that’s when a camping checklist becomes a lifesaver!

The simple life at Steeple Leaze Farm

I always have these moments of packing panic, despite the fact that it might be my 4th camping trip of the year.. and inevitably I always forget something important – like the children’s sleeping bags (don’t ask…!) As a result, I decided to write a camping checklist to refer to as I pack for our camping trips.

The checklist….

The list is broken down into 3 different categories depending on the type of camping you’re doing;

  • Essentials
  • Nice-to-haves
  • Luxury items

For longer, family camps we seem to pack most of the house (all essential and luxury items on the list) and stuff every single inch of the car! Or for shorter, one or two night trips we might streamline and only take essentials.

what to take camping
stuffed car!

Ultimately, you can get by with just a sleeping bag and some food, but I do like a little touch of luxury when I camp… a comfy chair, a hot water bottle, and a glass of wine.

Where can I stock up?

If you need to stock up on anything I would highly recommend a trip to Go Outdoors. I’ve spent many a-happy hour roaming around that shop…!

I hope you find this list as useful as I do. If you think we’ve missed anything, please do let me know! I love to hear about tips and items that other people have for camping.

You can download our checklist below.

Before your camping adventure, don’t forget to pick up your Outdoor Adventure Guides! Filled with outdoor activity ideas for all the family – perfect for a camping holiday.

Camping Checklist

camping checklist; what to pack for camping
GWGW’s camping checklist