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Campsite Cooking: Easy camping meals and recipes

Let’s face it, burgers and sausages are all good for the first night or two of your camping holiday… but after that, the thought of another sausage bap smeared in tomato ketchup can be quite nauseating.

Having notched up a number of holidays camping with the kids, we decided to mix up the menu a bit and discover some new campsite cooking ideas – easy camping meals and recipes for the whole family to enjoy around the campfire.

easy, campsite recipes
Campsite cooking

1. First night cheat

The first night of a camping holiday can always be a little chaotic. The kids have transformed into wild animals unleashed after a long car journey, the tent needs to go up, the car has never been so stuffed with camping ‘essentials’ which all need unpacking, and it’s either pouring with rain or boiling hot.

Cooking is the last thing on your mind.

– Pre-cooked meal

On the first night, we like to cheat. Cook a meal at home in the days before you leave. You can even freeze it, so it slowly defrosts during the journey (and acts as an extra cool block).

It may be a stew, a bolognaise or a fajita mix.

Then when your tent is up and sorted, you can simply heat up your meal and relax around the campfire. Simple.

– Campfire Fondue

Haven’t had time to pre-cook a meal? I’ve been there before…

A really fun, easy camping meal idea is cheese fondue!

Grab a few packets of fondue from the supermarket and a baguette. Then warm the cheese over the campfire and dip your bread in. So tasty and SO easy!

campfire cauldron
Fondue over a campfire using a Kadai cooking bowl and tripod

2. BBQ with a twist

Campsite BBQ’s can get a little repetitive if you stick to sausages and burgers.

Instead, find a local farmer’s market near your campsite and get a little creative with your menu! We like to experiment with everything and anything on the BBQ.

If you have fussy eaters, ask the kids to choose something themselves at the market to try out on the BBQ so they’re more likely to give it a try. We’ve cooked mussels, asparagus, stuffed peppers, cauliflower, mushrooms, even eggs!

– Griddled fish, tinfoil potatoes & broccoli

If you’re near the sea, buy fish or crab caught that morning from the local fisherman and cook it with tin-foil roasted potatoes (cooked directly on the hot coals), and broccoli shaken in soy sauce (using a sandwich bag). Delicious! The kids were once allowed on to the fishing boat to see how their dinner was caught.

bbq recipe ideas
A tasty BBQ meal

– Cooking with friends: Campfire Calzone

We discovered campfire calzones last year whilst camping with friends. Our fellow campers agreed to cook for all 17 kids and 8 adults one night– instead of your standard BBQ food, they cooked campfire calzones! The kids were able to make their own pizzas and choose their toppings. It was a big success!

Find the recipe here.

cooking recipes for kids
cooking for friends

3. Driftwood BBQ on the beach

On a warm summer day, there’s no need to rush back from the beach in time for dinner. How about cooking over a beach campfire?!

After failing to catch our own dinner, we managed to buy some lobster from a local fisherman (sooooooo much cheaper when bought direct from the fishermen) and built a campfire using driftwood. With a few beers and a loaf of bread, watch the sunset whilst eating your fresh catch. Dreamy.

*some beaches encourage driftwood fires, whilst others don’t allow them. Please check local rules. Be sure to fully extinguish all fires with water after use.

4. Campfire Pudding: Ditch the marshmallows

I know it’s controversial to say but… I DON’T LIKE MARSHMALLOWS!! Does anyone actually like them?

We’ve found 3 campfire pudding alternatives which means the marshmallows can stay put (for a few nights anyway)

– Cinnamon griddled pineapple

We LOVE this recipe. So easy and sooo tasty.

What you’ll need:

  • 2 tbsp soft dark
  • Brown sugar
  • 2 tbsp water
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • A large pineapple, peeled, cored and cut into eighths
  • Lime, juice only

Mix the sugar, water and cinnamon together in a cup or bowl, and set aside.

Once your barbecue is medium hot, grill the pineapple for 3-4 minutes on each side, until starting to catch. Brush generously with the cinnamon sugar mixture, then grill for a further 2 minutes or so on each side, until caramelised.

When cooked, squeeze over the lime juice and serve. Yum!

– Chocolate Orange Campfire Cakes

These are great fun to make and are cooked directly on the campfire. Using a cake mix set and some oranges you can make awesome cakes INSIDE AN ORANGE!!

Find out how to here.

– Chocolate Campfire Bannocks

Make your own campfire breads stuffed with chocolate chips. Find sticks to twist them around and cook directly over the campfire.

Ingredients and instructions here.

Marshmallows eat your heart out.

campfire puddings
Chocolate Orange Campfire cakes

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