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Lundy; dreamy island isolation

Lundy Island is simply one of the coolest places to visit in the UK.

Located far out in the Bristol channel, Lundy is ideal for a family holiday in the UK. Walks, rock climbing, bird, seal, and dolphin watching, treasure hunting, history, lovely beach, great pub…. I could go on.

Bird watching on Lundy Island
Watching Puffins

How do you get to Lundy Island?

You can reach Lundy on the MS Oldenburg ferry (or helicopter in winter). It’s a 2 hour crossing from either Ilfracombe or Bideford. Binoculars at the ready; spot puffins, razorbills, gannets, dolphins, seals and huge jelly fish on the way over. When the beautiful, rugged outline of Lundy finally comes into view, appreciate the fact that you’re one of the special few to be in that place, at the moment.

Rugged coastline on Lundy Island
Rugged coastline on Lundy

What is there to do on Lundy Island?

Day-trippers have 3 hours to enjoy on Lundy before the boat heads back.

It’s not enough! Staying on the Island is an absolute luxury and gives you the time to explore properly.

Lundy has the atmosphere of a small, friendly island…. which is beautifully rustic and unpretentious. There’s no news. No phone signal. Very limited internet (you’re fined if you’re caught on your phone in the pub). All electricity is switched off at 11pm. All water is filtered rain water. It’s a liberating feeling of isolation, much like when visiting Bryher Island.

Things to do on Lundy;

what to do on Lundy island
giant boulders on Lundy

Can you stay on the Island of Lundy?

Yes! There’s a real mix of accommodation on the island owned by the Landmark Trust, including a Lighthouse!

Accommodation ranges in size from 1-12 people. They’re all well-equipped, cosy, and good value for money (don’t expect 5* luxury though). Do expect pygmy shrews living in the walls and starlings roosting in the chimney…

Eating on Lundy Island

There’s a small, but well stocked shop which is open all day on day-trippers days, and shorter hours on other days. Pre-order food to arrive at your accommodation. The pub serves 3 meals a day and a great pint.

Lundy Island Lighthouse

Lundy Island with kids

For children, Lundy is the ultimate wild playground. With so much to explore, play, learn and enjoy this really is the best family holiday in the UK.

Along with Snowdonia and North Devon, Lundy is now a firm favourite with our family.

Smugglers cave on Lundy island
Smugglers Caves on Lundy Island