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Christmas Gifts for adventure loving families!

Gift ideas for adventure lovers: Swap plastic tat for family fun this Christmas….

Tired of plastic tat, this Christmas we’re doing things differently. That doesn’t mean not giving the children gifts – imagine their little faces with no gifts under the tree – but re-thinking gift giving so it’s more ethical and exciting on both Christmas day and for the year ahead…

have a go at caving…

Family gifts to make memories:

As winter sets in, we always like to plan a few adventures to look forward to in the year ahead – it keep’s the winter gloom at bay.

This year, we’ll be combining Christmas gift giving with our 2023 adventuring plans…. fun to open on the day but with so much more to look forward to!

Gifts for outdoor loving kids and adventurous families

This Christmas, how about gifts to enjoy more adventures right from your own doorstep.

  • Go Wild Go West – take a look at our very own Outdoor Adventure Guide series, filled with fun ideas for awesome family activities all year round. There are even some festive adventures for Christmas and a Children’s Adventure Kit.
  • Den Kit Company – so many great kits and activity sets for getting out and about from your doorstep
  • Nature Nurture Kids – fantastic new company with gift ideas that help children have a positive impact on the planet. Check out their ultimate kit for a great Christmas idea
  • Catkin & Co – beautiful small UK business with activity kits and ID cards for all your mini adventurers
  • Yippee Adventures – 100 awesome adventures to do before you grow up – a brilliant poster full of ideas for the kids
set an ambush
setting an ambush…

Local Adventures:

Explore nearby

  • RSPB youth membership  – with a welcome pack to open on Christmas day plus regular children’s magazines (highly recommend) and access to local nature reserves to get out and explore!
  • Adopt an animal – the Wildlife Trusts run a lovely adopt a local animal scheme, from red squirrels to owls and badgers. In return, the kids get an info sheet plus a cuddly toy of their animal.
  • Build an adventure! Can you set a family challenge like build a go-kart, make some cook campfire breads or even build a raft!?
    You’ll need some tools for that…. There are some great woodland tools from the Forest School Shop
outdoor games for kids
family adventures for kids

Big Adventures:

What about plotting some big family adventures for 2023? Some fun ideas to consider:
Family Bike-Packing
Wild Camping
Plotting an Adventure

What will your big adventures be this year?

  • Plan some adventures: We love Al Humphreys‘ books on planning adventures both big and small. Plus the Wild Guide Series to help plot where to go.
  • Adventure kit! Everyone loves a bit of kit…. There’s some great second hand gear for sale at the moment to save from buying new.
    Our favourite brands for kit are:
    Alpkit and Lomo for the grown ups
    Little Adventure Shop for the kids (I love their ‘activities’ tab).
    We got the children climbing harnesses last year and have had a year of outdoor climbing!
Winter wild camping

Fun family Outdoor Experiences:

Get some exciting things in the calendar for next year and spend time together, whether it’s theatre trips, live music, festivals, talks – these are the things to look forward to!

  • We’ve booked the kids in to try this giant swing at Adrenaline Quarry which looks terrifying!
    On Christmas day, we’ll also be giving them a Fahlo Shark tracking bracelet so they can watch their very ‘own’ shark cross the ocean… shhh don’t tell them!
  • Foraging course – I LOVE foraging and it’s great for the kids to learn. Look for courses near you.
    My favourites are Go Foraging (Bristol & Hampshire) and Gourmet Gatherings (South Wales)
  • Family Adventures– there are some great courses for family adventures; whether it’s caving, climbing, axe throwing, kayaking or bushcraft.
    I love Mendip Outdoor Center near Bristol and Crag2Mountain on Dartmoor.
Climbing with kids

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