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Become a Wildlife Detective

Hunt high, hunt low. What can you find?

This is a great activity to fit around the school/work day because it can take as much or as little time as you have and you can do it anywhere! The amazing thing about the UK is that there is wildlife everywhere; cities, villages, fields, gardens, and even in your own house. Take some time to get to know your local wildlife from flowers, to trees, to creepy-crawlies by becoming a wildlife detective and soon you’ll be a nature expert!

mini beast adventure
search high and low and see what you find….

I’ve found that as we get to know the different flowers, bugs, birds, trees and general life around us, we have all become far more engaged in being out and about. Each season there’s something new to learn about and there’s always weird and wonderful facts to learn about. Hunt under rocks, in long grass, up in the sky and all around!

Our local wildlife is incredible!

Did you know that our Spring wildflowers have been used throughout history for all sorts of weird and wonderful things? Greater Stitchwort was thought to heal broken bones and the juice from Wood Spurge was used to provide poison for the tips of arrows

Did you know that ants farm green aphids on stinging nettles? They then massage the aphids so the aphids release honeydew which the ants eat! Find a ladybird to put on the aphid nest and see what happens…..

Did you know that although there are 650 types of spider native to the UK, not one of them is deadly, or even dangerous, to humans. They are great fly-catchers though.

Preparation list:

Nothing but your eyes and ears!

Kit list:

Though nothing is needed to become a wildlife detective, there are a few things that might help you along the way;

  • binoculars
  • magnifying glass
  • note book and pencil to jot down the things you discover
  • we have found the Woodland Trusts Swatch book series absolutely amazing. We take them everywhere! Swatch books
  • The FSC’s (Field studies council) guides are also good. Especially animals poo and tracks. Field Studies guides

Extra quests

If you come across some snails on your detective quest, why not stop for a quick snail race?! Or find out details about tracking a Tawny Owl or a Badger