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Blowing Giant Bubbles

Make your own bubbles…

Everyone loves bubbles, right?! But those little bottles of bubbles in party bags are always so small, and then get spilt within seconds…. So, we decided to make our own GIANT bubbles with a homemade bubble wand.

It was awesome, easy-to-do, and perfect for getting outdoors after school/work for a bit of fun (that’s for the adults too!)

forever blowing bubbles

Kit List:

  • 2 x sticks
  • 1 x length of string or shoelaces
  • Fairy liquid
  • Glycerine (check the baking section of the supermarket)

Preparation List:

1. Make your bubble wands:

  • Get 2 similar sized sticks and cut 2 lengths of string.
    1 x 12 inches (approx.)
    1 x 18 inches (approx.)
  • Take the shorter length of string and tie it around the tops of the sticks
  • With the longer length of string, tie it on onto the shorter piece of string to create a large loop.

This is your bubble wand.

bubble wand

2. Make your DIY bubble mixture:

  • 1 Litre warm (if possible) water,
  • 250ml washing up liquid
  • 2-4 table spoons of glycerine (glycerine makes the bubbles thick and last longer)

Gently mix the ingredients in a large bowl.

If you can leave the mixture overnight, that’s great. But we didn’t, and it still worked a treat!

catching bubbles

Forever blowing bubbles:

Head outside to begin making your DIY giant bubbles and let the good times roll…

Dip the wands in the bubble mixture and gently waft them around. Watch as your giant bubbles float across the garden (only to be burst by a younger sibling causing endless squabbles – what fun!)

If you’d like more details on bubble-making, there’s a great download page with lots of information here

blowing giant bubbles


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