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Set an Ambush

This is officially my children’s favourite after-school mini adventure. What’s not to love? It’s messy, loud, and exciting – everything kids love! If you’re looking for some outdoor family fun which is easy, local, and free, then head out to set an ambush and get ready for a surprise.

set up an ambush mini adventure

How does an ambush work?

This is a mini adventure where the children are in charge. Ultimately, you’re going to be the ambush victim so you need to sit back, maybe with a thermos of coffee and a book, whilst the children set up their ambush. Head into the woods, fields, park, or even your garden and set the kids lose.

The only rules we enforce are;

  1. Stay within a pre-defined boundary
  2. Don’t do anything that would kill or seriously injure you…. (a rule that I remind them of most days)

Aside from that, they’re free to go. When their ambush is ready they give me a wolf-like howl so I know to set out, innocently unaware of what is about to happen.

woodland walks
Ready to pounce…

Don’t tell them this, but I normally know exactly where they are… so get ready to show complete surprise and awe at their ambush skills.

This is a really fun outdoor game for any time of year and takes very little preparation. It’s the perfect low key mini-adventure, that is unless you decide to turn the tables and set up an ambush for the children and then it gets really fun….

Preparation list:

  • Find a good outdoor location. Anywhere with some undergrowth or vegetation to hide in.
  • Make sure you set a boundary to play in so you don’t accidentally lose the children while they lie in wait for you…

Kit list:

  • Weather proof gear helps. Waterproofs and wellies if it’s raining as they’re likely to be on the floor (check out our guide to kitting out the kids for winter here)
  • My children like to take their den kit from The Den Kit Co. to set as their base
  • They also like to smother themselves in camo cream, dress all in green, and make headdresses… they take ambushing very seriously
  • Hot chocolate for mini-ambushers in cold weather helps

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