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Welly Wanging

Welly wanging is the easiest, and yet most amazingly competitive family game! It can transform a casual walk into a highly charged competition arena with wellies flying through the air…

Welly wanging makes for a perfect, easy-to-organise mini-adventure, plus it’s a great distraction for children who get bored walking.

So grab your wellies and get ready for some welly-throwing fun!

welly wanging

Fun fact… the furthest recorded throw was in Finland in 1996 at 63.98m

How to Welly Wang:

The idea is simple.

  1. Select your ‘pitch’: a field or playing field is perfect.
    Make sure there are no windows nearby as the wellies can fly in all directions (even backwards). We all know windows are easily smashed!
  2. Take aim and hurl your welly as far forwards as possible
  3. Each competitor gets 2 turns (both wellies)
  4. Leave wellies in their landing spot until all welly flingers have flung
  5. The person whos welly travels the greatest distance is the winner

    *The contest comes with a risk of damp feet if the ground is wet, but the game is totally worth a soggy sock!
fling your wellies
I lost every time….

Preparation List:

  • Choose a playing pitch with plenty of space
  • Some serious leg stretching exercises might help

Kit List:

  • Wellies!
  • Spare socks might help if you’re far from home
  • Serious competitors might like a measuring tape
welly games

Why not take the competition a little further and set up a welly wanging-fundraiser?

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