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Nettle Bracelets

Nettle bracelets? Ouch – wouldn’t they sting? Fortunately, not! This is a really simple way to make natural bracelets that are actually pretty indestructible. Nettle fibres are tough but flexible so perfect for weaving into a bracelet.

nettle bracelets
nettle bracelets

Grab some gloves and set out on a mini-adventure to tackle some nettles. By the end of the day you’ll all have matching family bracelets.


  • Wearing gloves, pick nettles when they’re quite tall in late Spring/early Summer.
use gloves to pick nettles
  • Run your hand (still with gloves!) up and down the stalk to remove the leaves
  • You should be ok to take your gloves off now.
  • Rest the nettle on a hard surface such as a large stone, stick or tree trunk. Using a smaller stone, gently bash the nettle stalk to soften it.
  • Split the stem lengthwise and open it out. Peel back the woody pith from the middle, leaving the floppy outer fibres.
pull away the woody pith leaving the floppy fibres
  • Tie a knot in the top and either twist the fibres or split them into three chords and plait them. Tie a knot at the bottom and ta-da! Your bracelet is ready to be worn.
plait the nettle fibres
  • These bracelets work brilliantly as wild friendship bracelets.


None needed

Kit list:

  • Gloves
  • Nettles

Magic Nettles

It’s not often known that nettles are amazing things! They’re great for wildlife and are full of vitamins A, C, D so very healthy for humans too. Use nettles for making soup, tea, plant food and even making beer! Find out more in this great article on the Gardener’s World website.

forage nettles
wild friendship bracelets

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