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Cook in the Wild

Bacon Butties in the wild

Heading out for some wild cooking turns a standard evening meal into an after-school adventure…… after all, you’d be cooking dinner anyway, and outdoor cooking does liven things up a bit!

Outdoor cooking

Bacon Butties

For some, your wild cooking place may be no further than your garden, for others you may want to venture further afield. Either way, bacon butties is a tasty, easy meal to eat outdoors. Minimal preparation, cooking and mess! You can pack all the kit you need into a backpack and enjoy whilst out on a walk.

For the vegetarians in the group we substituted bacon for halloumi.

If it’s cold, you could pre-heat some soup in a thermos flask to have as a ‘starter’… two course wild cooking is positively gourmet!

bacon butties

Fire Safety

Cooking on a camping stove is far safer and less destructive to the environment than a campfire but fire safety is still really important.

A few safety tips are:

  • Clear your cooking space of any leaves, branches or potentially flammable materials.
  • make sure the camping stove is stable and always watched whilst alight
  • take plenty of water with you in case of fire.

Preparation List:

  • Pick your cooking spot – head out into the garden, a local park, or just any favourite outdoor spot.
  • Make sure you have ingredients
  • Pack a backpack with all your essentials (see kit list)
outdoor cooking kit list

Kit list:

  • Primus camping stove with a full gas cannister and matches to light
  • Bacon, tortilla, and sauce (we like Bull’s-eye!)
  • Frying pan and tongs
  • Water and a plastic bag for rinsing the frying pan and covering before taking home
  • This dish does go particularly well with a beer
  • Coats, gloves, hats and head-torches for all

As an alternative to bacon butties, we often take pasta and sauce out with us, along with mess tins and forks to eat it.

Boil water in a saucepan over the camping stove, cook your pasta, and enjoy an easy, outdoor meal!

camping dinner
pasta in a mess tin…. delicious!

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