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Floor is Lava!

This is our new favourite mini-adventure…. it’s an easy, exciting outdoor game for all the family but whatever you do, don’t burn your feet!!

Floor is Lava works wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. Jazz up your walk to/from school, or add extra excitement to an afternoon walk with an impromptu game.

What is Floor is Lava?

It’s a game of danger and excitement……

The idea is that the ground you stand on turns to lava and burns anyone left standing on it. This means that when the ‘game leader’ (normally you but anyone that wants the role) shouts ‘FLOOR IS LAVA’, everyone has to quickly get off the ground. This might be standing on a rock or anything that protrudes above ground level, or cling on to a tree or lamppost with your feet safely off the floor.

Points go to the person highest off the ground.

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How to play

You play the game by randomly and without warning calling ‘Floor is Lava in x seconds’. The number of seconds can change and be tailored to reflect how difficult it is to find somewhere to run to (10 seconds for a good run to a tree or 2 seconds to leap off the floor onto anything you can…. the children may end up desperately perching on the smallest stones)

Preparation List:

  • None!

Kit List:

  • None!

Good luck and try not to burn your feet…..

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