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Loo Roll Bird Feeders

Make your own bird feeders

An old manky toilet roll, some fat, and a sprinkling of cheap bird seed – you’re welcome birds!

This is a really easy way to make a feeder for your local birds. The kids absolutely loved making the bird feeders and then watching as a variety of guests came to feast on them!

Hang these feeders in your garden or outside your window and see who comes to visit.

homemade bird feeder

What you need:

  • a loo roll or two
  • string
  • bird seed (or grated cheese/bread crumbs if you don’t have seed)
  • lard or suet
  • wooden skewer or thin stick (not essential)
make your own bird feeder
Make your own bird feeder


  1. If using skewers, pierce two small holes in the bottom of your loo roll. Make sure they’re lined up as you will later need to feed the wooden skewers through the holes to act as a feeding perch.
  2. Pierce two similar holes at the opposite end of the tube for the hanging string to run through.
  3. Spread your bird seed (or alternative bird snack) on a plate or tray.
  4. Spread the loo roll in lard and roll it in the bird seed until it’s generously covered. It may not look pretty but I don’t think our feathery friends will mind.
  5. Cut some string and thread it through the two top holes. The length will depend on how high/low you want it to hang.
  6. Thread the wooden skewer through the bottom holes (if using).
  7. Hang your feeder in a tree or bush where you can easily watch it and then wait for your guests to arrive. Little people may need some patience as it can take a day or two for the birds to notice!

Helping birds

It’s especially helpful to feed the birds in winter when other food sources are scarce.

Try making different feeders with different food options to create a feast for the birds! Goldfinches love sunflower and nyjer seeds, Blackbirds love meal worms, Long Tailed Tits love suet and Great Tits love peanuts… and our furry little Squirrel friends love everything!

You can find other ways to help birds on the RSPB website here.

Who can you attract to your garden or local outdoor space?

Greater Spotted Woodpeckers love peanuts

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