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Enjoy the sunset

Watch the sun go down

I started to make time to stop and enjoy the sunset when I realised that of the 365 sunsets a year, I would normally only ever get to watch a handful of them, usually when on holiday… from a beach or mountain with a drink in hand – and yet it’s one of my favourite things to do!

For a mini-adventure it’s one the easiest to arrange… after all, the sun sets every evening!

Preparation list:

  • Check the time of the sunset. We tend to use the BBC weather app. You want to aim to get there about 30 minutes before that in order to watch the sun starting to set. Winter is particularly good for an after school mini adventure because the sun sets before the children’s bed time! (But of course, the weather is more temperamental)
  • View OS map or google maps of the local area to look for a good westerly viewing vantage point. A hill is best of course but actually, you can enjoy the sunset in most places with a decent view.
  • Check the weather – clear skies are best of course but ultimately, you never know what’s going to happen. We’ve had a fair few sunset walks where the sunset is hidden in an otherwise clear sky by a huge bank of thick cloud…. it can be very funny though. Count how many sunset ‘wins’ or ‘fails’ you can rack up…. our fails are currently much higher but it makes the wins even better.
sunset walk
Peace and quiet watching the sunset

Kit List:

  • Pack the right gear. Waterproofs, thermals, hats, gloves, wellies etc – the warmer the kids are, the happier they’ll be. We always take a thermos of hot chocolate and plenty of snacks.
  • If your kids are anything like mine, they’ll sit and admire the sunset in peace for approximately 2 minutes before turning feral and chasing each other like maniacs – fine by me, as long as there’s plenty of space, it doesn’t matter how much noise they make, and I can enjoy the backdrop of a beautiful sunset while they wear themselves out.

Fancy coming along? Why not join us on a sunrise walk?