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Flip a coin adventure

Let the coin decide your adventure….

We’re creatures of habit. We tend to do the same local walks, tread the same footpaths, and visit the same spots. Why not mix it up and let a coin decide your next family mini adventure?

What is a flip a coin adventure?

This is a new, exciting way to plan a local outdoor adventure with the opportunity to visit new places that you might never have thought about. Flip a coin over your local map, and wherever that coin lands is you’re ultimate adventure destination!

Marking your destination

Planning the route using the map is great fun. Try including some new quiet roads, lanes, footpaths, parks etc in your route. Being relatively close to home, an added part of the challenge is to get there without using a car! We tend to cycle part of the way, and walk the rest – planning our route to avoid busy roads.

Live in a city?

Great! This isn’t just a countryside task. Part of the mini-adventure fun is planning your route and successfully navigating to your final spot… even if it’s down a non-descript residential street.

*if you’re coin toss lands on a private garden, private land, or cliff edge (!)… be flexible and head towards the nearest accessible spot!

X marks the spot – success!

Preparation List:

  • Make sure you have an Ordnance Survey map of your local area. The customised ones, where you can put your postcode right at the centre, are especially good.
  • Lay the map out on the floor and flip a coin over it
  • Mark where the coin lands with a pencil and give an obligatory ‘Oooooooh, that’s interesting’
  • If the coin falls on private land, nudge it over to the nearest accessible spot
  • Plot your route between home and your new adventure destination, avoiding busy roads wherever possible.

Kit List:

  • Ordnance Survey Map and a coin
  • A spirit of adventure

Useful links:
– Help the children to become mini navigators
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