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Let the kids lead the way

Why are the ‘grown-ups’ always in charge of choosing where to go on an adventure? Why not set the kids an after-school navigation challenge and let them guide you on an expedition of their choosing?

children map reading

Map reading

Together, examine your local OS Map and talk through the basics of map-reading.
*If your map reading skills are a little on the rusty side, the Ordnance Survey have an amazing bank of resources to brush up on your skills (or to help if you’re starting from scratch!)

We covered things like what a footpath or road look like, potential points of interest like a tumulus, stream, woodlands, or pub (!!), and also a vague idea of distances so they didn’t start to plot a marathon.

Then ask the kids to plot a route and set out to navigate….

kids map reading
plotting the route

Preparation List:

  • Buy or borrow your local OS map. You can buy them from local shops, petrol stations, or online. Find out which map you need by entering your postcode on the OS site here. I’d recommend a paper map over the phone app because it’s easier for the kids to navigate.

  • Plot your route in advance. We like to plan the route the night before our adventure. It saves time and faff after school

  • If you’re not too precious about your map, you can use a highlighter to mark your route. It makes it easier to keep track!

Kit List:

  • OS map
  • snacks and drinks
  • Take a compass if you want an extra challenge!
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