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Adventure Up-Stream

Discover uncharted territory…

On our walks, we often cross streams or walk alongside them on the footpath, but have you ever thought about walking in it? Wondering up stream is the perfect after school or weekend mini-adventure… who knows where your walk will take you, but that’s all part of the adventure!

We all know that England is a wet country and as such we have a very healthy system of streams. With my team of intrepid adventurers, we decided to trek along some of our local streams to see where they led. What we found along the way was pretty awesome!

When you say stream, you mean….

Just to clarify, by ‘stream’, I don’t mean river! The streams I have in mind are pretty close to the source so are generally very shallow. Ankle deep is usual but sometimes venturing up to knee height. Every now and again there’s a plunge pool but, if you’re not swimming, you can usually track around it. That’s all part of the fun.

The great thing about adventuring upstream is that you never know how far you’ll get. You might adventure for 5 minutes before meeting a blockage… a waterfall, a bramble thicket, a fence… but you might be able to get a good way up and find hidden landmarks that you would never know existed!

Many streams have footpaths running alongside them so you can always jump out onto the footpath if needed. Be sensible, avoid streams that are on private property and where your presence might not be welcome!

stream adventuring – not just for summer!

All-weather activity

In summer, grab some river shoes or trainers that can get wet. In winter, wear wellies.

*It goes without saying that we must always be careful near water and stop if you encounter any dangers. Avoid streams after heavy rain as water flows can be stronger and deeper. Check out water safety tips here.

Preparation list

  • Find a stream, perhaps one you cross everyday but have never ventured up
  • Check the map to have a vague idea where it goes
  • Check the weather for no heavy rain

Kit list

  • Water shoes/wellies
  • Swimming stuff (just in case)
  • OS map
  • An adventurous mind

Look out for animal tracks and poos along the way…. can you see evidence of otters? In Spring and summer look for dragonfly and damselfly enjoying the sunny weather. See more details in our wildlife detective mini adventure

Too deep to walk? Why not bring a body board to paddle on or try building your own raft!!

tackling the river
Take adventuring to the next level!

As ever, stay safe near water. Read our article on Giant Hogweed to know what to avoid!